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037: icons: multifandom
mistressssnakey wrote in kirisgraphics

035: actors
060: fandoms


.actors: various


.fandoms: various


The Zoe pictures were (badly) coloured by me. I still have the full larger versions if anyone wants it. :)
A number of these icons are old, a few even more than a year old. Some you probably have seen in my profile. others were done for my rps. So don't be surprised if some look familiar.

1. Textless icons are not bases, please do not edit without my approval. 
2. Don't hotlink. 
3. I don't demand credit, but when you do credit: kirisgraphics  
4. You're welcomed to use these icons outside lj.

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Very pretty icons! Saved some OUAT and will credit. :D

love your use of textures and the black and whites :) very pretty.

Gorgeous icons. I snagged some and will credit.

Oh my god, Louise Brooks and Doctor Who in the same post, I can't believe! Awesome icons, I'm snagging a few and will credit ♥

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