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030: icons: eve myles
Luke Skywalker
mistressssnakey wrote in kirisgraphics
20 - Eve Myles


Anger, Colorful, Not Square, Red, Eyes
Tiny Text, Black and White, Divided, Pattern. Profile



1. Textless icons are not bases, please do not edit without my approval.
2. Don't hotlink, I'm lame so I use Photobucket and hotlinks just mess everything up.
3. I don't demand credit, but when you do credit: kirisgraphics 
4. You're welcomed to use these icons outside lj.

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NIce! I really like B&W especiialy =)

These are very pretty. Love the negative space ones.

These are lovely! I'm adding this post to memories, and will credit you if I adopt an icon.

Wow, they are so lovely and Eve is SO gorgeous!
I especially like b&w, divided and profile!
Can't wait for Torchwood to come back, I miss her on tv! ^^

She is, between Torchwood and Doctor who we get so many lovely ladies(and boys). I'm a bit worried about the new series, but is nice that they are bringing some of the old cast back. Glad you like the icons. :D

Beautiful icons. Can't choose the best ones, they are all so lovely)) OK, maybe NotSquare is kind of special!

These are absolutely gorgeous!! ♥

These are all stunning. I just adore your coloring.
Especially the negative space. Those are divine.

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