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038: icons: doctor who
Luke Skywalker
mistressssnakey wrote in kirisgraphics
20 - Doctor Who (Ep. 7.01)


dw: series 7





dw colour meme: on tumblr

I heven't worked on icons for a while now, feels weird going back to it.

1. Textless icons are not bases, please do not edit without my approval.

2. Don't hotlink.
3. I don't demand credit, but when you do credit: kirisgraphics
4. You're welcomed to use these icons outside lj, if you are I would appreciate if you comment and tell me where. Also credit is not mandatory even outside of LJ, as long as you don't claim as your own or repost.

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Lovely, taken a couple of Oswin. :)

Snagged a few, will credit if used.

Taking a few Oswin ones- 4, 8, and 13. :) Will credit when used.

took the oswin icons!!

Love the colors, took a few of the Oswin icons will credit :)

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